Q & A

Is my Cutlery Set allowed on an air plane? 

We recommend that you take your Cutlery set with you IN YOUR CHECKED BAGGAGE.

TSA may or may not allow some if not all of the set through in your carry-on at airport security check points but results may very and we cannot be responsible for sets that may or may not be taken away.  This is why we recommend putting it in your checked baggage when you travel.

Is my cutlery dishwasher safe?

The cutlery you buy from ireuse2  is dishwasher safe.
However, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • To preserve the brand new shiny look of your cutlery, we recommend to hand wash them, using the recommended ireuse2 cloth. If you don’t have the ireuse2 cloth, use a soft cloth.
  • Abrasive detergents or sponges scratch steel.
  • In case of persistent stains or acidic food, rinse each piece with water.
  • Whenever possible, wipe each piece after dishwashing, especially knives and silver-plated pieces.
  • When dishwashing, rinse each item with water before placing them in the basket, with blades down for the knives. In order to avoid contact corrosion, stainless steel and silver-plated items should not be placed in the same basket. Do not overuse cleaning products as they are corrosive. When the dishwashing cycle finishes, open the door to avoid condensation on the cutlery which could be the source of corrosion.

What is the color coating on the cutlery?

PVD is an environmentally friendly vacuum deposition method which is used to produce thin film on different products. PVD means physical vapor deposition and it is a physical process producing a vapor on material - it is deposited on the object which requires thin films for various functions.

There are many benefits of PVD coating provided. The most common are facts that PVD coatings are sometimes harder and more corrosion resistant. Looks great and, if used correctly, prolong the lifetime of products.

 The PVD coating is versatile  for a wide range of decorative finishes on cutlery with excellent wear. It comes with brilliant decorative finishes which make cutlery interesting, different, modern and fashionable. It is very useful that PVD coating requires no clear top coats that used to fade or dull. PVD cutlery is made by the most recent and the most developed vacuum deposition method, but as every product in use, the degree of abrasion depends on user´s care combined with many other external conditions as aggressively of washing detergents, type of dish washer and many others. PVD coated cutlery brings style and flash of colors into every dinning experience  


What is the Cutlery made of?

All utensils made with durable stainless steel this flatware is both strong and beautiful and will provide years of service.


What is the case made from?

Case is made of wheat straw, high quality food-grade safe non-toxic and BPA-free materials

its made of food-grade safe non-toxic and eco-friendly BPA-free wheat straw. Our supplier has been developing environmentally safe wheat straw products that are recyclable and tough enough like plastic. 

Wheat straw is a pure natural plant, without heavy metal, plasticizer and other harmful elements with low-carbon environmental protection. 


What is the protective sleeve the Cutlery comes in made of?

The Cutlery protective sleeve is made of PP.

PP is polypropylene. This is an environmentally friendly plastic option. Here is why:

* It takes fewer natural resources to produce  

* It generates fewer waste products in production and disposal  

* It is widely recycled  

* It is biodegradable (breaks down to carbon and hydrogen)

* When burned, it does not generate toxic gases (like chlorine from PVC plastics.)